First let me introduce you to my constant source of entertainment and creativity, Savannah! She's the real boss of all my shows! Could you take a break with someone giving you that look?

Any Hoot, having been on the art/craft circuit for several years now and meeting such wonderful delightful people the main questions they all seem to have are "will you be here next year? or how can I find you? or how can I get in touch with you? do you have anything in these colors? do you sell online? do you have a website?"

Well, the first thing I should point out is I'm not a web/internet techie. But because I love being with all of you I have decided to take some time and create this little web site to feature some of my Past, Present and future attractions and to provide a list of different shows I'll be at over the next few months. Maybe, down the road I'll set up a newsletter or something that you can sign up for and be notified as things happen. In the mean time, if your in town during one of the shows stop by!