Hello Everyone!  
 During the heat of the summer everything slows down, including ME!  But I spend this time in the air conditioning playing catch up.   I've been quite busy the last few weeks, restocking my inventory.  Sewing more Fish and Dispenser bags (can't keep enough on hand!) and creating a new design for the Kitchen towels.  I'm in the process of designing 3 new quilts for the Autumn and Winter shows. 
I have also been trying to smooth out the kinks in the website.  I need input!!!  I started out just putting up pictures of everything I do, past, present or future.  But then I decided that I would make one page for each Category and only post pictures of the newest items (ie..old fish design but new fabrics).  So now I'm in the process of listing in each category the newest items and for those of you who are familar with my work you will be able to purchase the item in the picture if it has the caption "buy now".  There will only be only 1 of each item on the website for purchase.
Also, last year I made up some more of the "Alien Invaider" game and sold out!  I had such a great response to the "Alien Invaiders" that this year If anyone in interested in getting one for the holidays please notify me now so I will have enough on hand!
Have to run!!!    Savannah has chosen her fabric and if I don't get it away from her it will be in her bed!
Hope to hear from all of you soon!

What is the Alien Game? The changes you propose for your website sound great. I'll check back again later.


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